Hi everyone!

It’s a day of firsts for me: my first post and my first Six Sentence Sunday! Today I’m sharing Six from my WIP – a novella called “Weekend Assistant.”

At twenty-three, Kate sacrificed her relationship with Adam to secure his future.  Now it’s six years later and Adam, the forbidding CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is holding his annual shareholder’s meeting at the hotel where Kate works.  She assumed he’d just ignore her, instead he’s asked the manager if he can borrow her services for the weekend…Here’s a little preview of their first encounter alone – the moment she’s been both dreading and fantasizing about for six years:

      Adam was silent as he stepped directly behind me, placing his hands on the rails – effectively caging me in.  We stood like that for a few minutes, quietly taking in the view, silently daring the other to speak first. Having him so close was unbearable – his smell, familiar yet different at the same time – wafted over me every time the air stirred.  It took everything in me not to lean against him.  So I gripped the rail tighter and tried to keep my breathing even.
      “Why do you think I brought you here, Kate?” he asked softly as he crowded me towards the railing.

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