Happy Six Sentence Sunday! Today, I’m continuing with my WIP “Weekend Assistant.” I’m picking up where I left off last week – Kate is in way over her head with her ex Adam… Feel free to check out my other SSS entries below to get caught up!

    Adam chuckled and began tracing my lips with his finger and I sucked in air at the gentle intrusion.  “Do you know what feature of yours always fascinated me?  Your lips, so full, I remember how it felt to kiss you…so fucking soft.”
    His eyes were cold and detached as he followed the movement of his finger.  I knew if I pushed hard now I could get away, I could slip through his grasp but I was in thrall, trapped by his words and my memories.  So I fought to control my breathing, concentrated on the traffic in the distance and thought about all those people who were headed home from work, while I was up here, being slowly tortured by the man I once loved.

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